Two owner foreclosure search:
In keeping with all major underwriter guidelines, Accufast will conduct a 2-owner foreclosure search.

  • 2 purchase money mortgage (2 warranty deed)
  • Most current tax information, including storm water, solid waste, sewer and ditch assessments.
  • Full mortage / deed of trust information including assignments, modifications, and subordination agreements.
  • Full 10 year judgement information on all parties in the chain.
  • Courthouse copies upon request billed @ $1.00 per page (pass-through of courthouse fee)

Accufast has conducted over 50,000 foreclosure searches in company history. Our experienced staff - averaging over 10 years industry experience - helps insure that all lien holders are disclosed.

Following our initial search, Accufast will conduct an update upon your request to reflect the filing of the foreclosure complaint.

Post Sheriff's sale, we also conduct REO searches to make sure all liens were foreclosed, insuring new purchaser clear title.

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